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2 Factor Authentication

The 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for SingPass has been made mandatory to perform sensitive e-government transactions from 5 Jul 2016. 

There is no need to rush to meet the deadline as IDA has extended the deadline for the activation of SingPass 2FA. Users who have yet to set up their 2FA will be given a one-time grace period of 30 days when they log in to SingPass from 5 July 2016. This will allow them to perform urgent e-transactions while they set up their 2FA. The starting date of this grace period will differ across users, depending on when they log in to SingPass.

E.g. Susan has not set up her 2FA and she logs into her SingPass account on 15 August 2016. She will be given until 14 September to complete her 2FA setup. Meanwhile, she can still continue to access e-services involving sensitive data.

There is no need to rush, especially for users who seldom transact online with the Government or do not have any immediate need to access government e-services. Their GST vouchers and other benefits, if any, will not be affected.

2FA Counters

Taman Jurong CC is one of the SingPass counters, but we are not be able to assist residents to activate 2FA if they do not have pin mailer and token/registered mobile no. Public who require immediate assistance on 2FA can can head to Gek Poh Ville CC (Jurong West St 74) on Mon, Wed- Sat, 1pm – 9pm to get their pin mailer / token immediately.


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