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Taman Jurong

Mother Pageant 2017

Indian New Year

Our Gallery at Taman Jurong Workshops

Our Gallery at Taman Jurong Zone A - Plaster Sculptuere

Our Gallery at Taman Jurong Zone D - Glass Painting

Colours of Taman Jurong

PAssion Arts: Colours of Taman Jurong

Taman Jurong is painting the town colourful this July in celebration of the community’s diversity and inclusivity. Be part of the loud, vibrant colours that will bring Taman Jurong Community Club to life! Participate in collaborative art activities and catch performances suitable for all ages.

Re-discover the icons of Taman Jurong through pop art painting and mini-printmaking. Interact with artists and join them in a live wall-doodling session. Bring home your very own personalized artwork from the clay painting or scratchart booths!

In recognition of fellow Taman Jurong residents, do not miss their large, bright-coloured portraits on Block 352, 359 & Blk 111 as you walk over to TJCC. Bring along your family, friends and neighbours to the Arts Village and get in touch with Taman Jurong and residents through art!

Upcoming Youth Projects

The Youth of Taman Jurong is having two community projects coming up. One of which is the Blood Donation drive which will take place on 28 February 2016, and the other is the Annual Recycling Project on 19 - 20 March 2016.

Community Art Project - "Memories

Photo Mosiac of the Pagodas at Jurong Lake

Workshops for Senior Citizens

Brick Art

Taman Jurong Brick Art interest group for year 2016 will be conducted at the level 4 music room on the 2nd last Saturday of the month from 10 to 11.30am (90mins) unless otherwise notify.

The dates are as follow:

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